Friday, April 13, 2007

About Myself

Ok, I think I should talk a little bit about myself.
First of all, you can mail me to cruzrojas at and please no spam!

About me: I was born in Mexico 24 years ago, and right now I have a B.S in Physics Engineering and I'm studying a PhD in Physics at Washington DC. So it's hard for me to write in English some times, and I still make a lot of grammatical mistakes.

About my programming experience: I Have been fan of Linux since I was in high school. I installed it for the first time in 1999, but for some reason or another I always came back to windows. I have been using a mac as my main computer over a year now. I choose to switch since I could use the Unix terminal to run my projects and still be able to go to the store and buy commercial applications, a.k.a. office.

I started programing around 14 years ago with GW BASIC. Then at High school we have to learn VB witch was a pretty easy transition for me. Eventually I learned JAVA one year before I had to take it in college, after JAVA we learned C++ in college, along the way I have also learned to use, MATLAB and MAPLE being a physics major. I also have a little bit of experience in programing for the Motorola 68000 in my electronics classes.

About the system I use:
Yes, A mac mini, I work on a mac mini G4 1.4 GHz and 512 Mb of ram, the main programs I use when coding on it are, the terminal to compile my C files, gnuplot to visualize my output, and emacs to modify those C++ files.

I don't write too many user oriented programs, they are more physics simulations, and everything I do is on the terminal window, but I want to change that and hence this blog. Cheers.