Saturday, May 26, 2007

This Blog is getting boring!!!

I know, I know. There is no news I'm my blog in over two weeks now. Well nobody reads it anyway, but I feel like starting my blog to post my achievements so maybe one day someone will read about them.

At this moment I have a fair amount of projects I want to start. Unfortunately I don't have the time, energy or money to do all of them, on top of doing full time research, and taking care of my plants. Here is a list of the projects I want to start, Anyone of this projects is enough to keep me away from any other in the list so I will have to make some decisions:

1) Learn Cocoa and Objective C.

Well, since apple have been stealing my soul since the very moment I buy my mac mini I want to develop applications with graphical interface for my personal use, and make them available if anyone else have any use for them.

2) Find a place to Live.

This is kind of obvious why I need to do this.

3) Implement a console window via usb.

I have an extra monitor, check.
I have a computer that doesn't handle dual displays, check.
I use the terminal in my mac a lot, check.
Can I connect my second monitor to my mac and have a full screen terminal on it via usb, nope.
Do I know any device on the market that will do this for me, not that I know of.
Can I do it myself, maybe.

4) Visual GSL.

For my own research I have been using the GSL (GNU Scientific Library) and it is really a nice library for what I do. But I would like to make a graphical implementation of it so I can test if the method will work the way I want it to work. And then it have to generate the code for me the code for me.
For example I have to calculate some Greens functions making a Hilbert transform from the non-interacting electronic density. In doing so I have to allow for an imaginary part on the self-energy. And I find myself coding things like:

gsl_complex var = gsl_complex_add_real(gsl_complex_add(sigma1,sigma2),mu);

witch only means var = sigma1+sigma2+mu; where var, sigma1 and sigma2 are complex numbers. It would be nice to do a little program where I can input sigma1+sigma2+mu, and I can copy paste the generated code to my program.

5) Poker odds.

I have been watching poker on television for a while, and played some games (no real money involved) online, and it's fun. So I would like to code a program that will tell me what are the best hands to start with. And I know AA is the best hand you can start with, but I what about for example, J-10 suited vs Q-K off suite.

6) Learn openGL.

This will help me to make plots for my programs in number 4 with in the same program with only adding a button, plot.

7) Infinite desks.

I can't talk about this.

8) Learn to use Xmgrace.

My advisor suggested I have to discard gnuplot and use xmgrace instead.

9) Write on my own blog.

As you can see I have a lot of things I want to embrace and the day only have 24 hours. I will try to keep posting things here on a regular basis.



Mr. Atkinson said...

Mr Chuy...

For the second monitor thing, you can also try using the app "Desktop Manager" that can be downloaded from and have multiple desktops. You'd be able to switch among them with an easy keystroke.


Peace to the people in the border

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Anonymous said...

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i get an "invalid expression" error msg. any suggestions?

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