Friday, September 14, 2007

Evolution, Serial Killers and Islands

This week;
Carl Sagan speaks about evolution. (instead of intelligent design)

Take the test and discover if you can spot a serial killer.
Serial Killer

Finally a map with remote islands. I would prefer Falklands Islands over the others. (Islas Maldivas in spanish, I might be wrong)


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Anonymous said...

If you're interested in the origin of life and evolution I strongly recommend:

Astrobiology: Future Perspectives (Astrophysics and Space Science Library) by P. Ehrenfreund (Editor), W.M. Irvine (Editor), T. Owen (Editor), Luann Becker (Editor), Jen Blank (Editor), J.R. Brucato (Editor), Luigi Colangeli (Editor), Sylvie Derenne (Editor), Anne Dutrey (Editor), Didier Despois (Editor), Antonio Lazcano (Editor), Francois Robert (Editor).

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