Sunday, August 26, 2007

MBP will delete your work!

I should have learned the lesson by now. If you are going to carry a USB thumb drive with all your work on it, MAKE A COPY!!!

When I get my thumb drive on December everything was great, I made a copy of all my code on it, after that I just start working on top of it. I would carry it everywhere and if I had a brilliant idea away from home I could just ssh into one of my accounts, code, compile, save results and keep going.

In the middle of march I lost such a small piece of technology. And what a big annoyance it became, losing all that work in 5 seconds just doesn't seem fair. Lucky enough I found it the next weekend. And I made a mental note, "don't loose it again."

When I move on June to a new department I though I had lost it again. Wow saving half a year on such a small device and make no copies of it just seems stupid. Well it is. After one week or so I finally found it, I was relieve. I made a mental note, "make a copy."

Finally the wait was over, my mac book pro arrived, right on my birthday July 12th, that was a nice present, and finally after a few days of installing applications I got a nice system to work on. Took my usb thumb drive and plug it right next to the mag-safe power adapter the mac book pro sports. I know if I put the mag-safe close enough to a magnetic device it will delete its data. But I believed it should be fine since apple put the usb port right next to it. (Put usb device on usb port)

While the mag-safe didn't manage to destroy all my work it did actually manage to delete one of the programs I was working on along with some data. I guess this time I learned my lesson since this time I didn't made a mental note but take action making a backup of everything on the drive.

I will try to get in the habit of posting things on here. In the mean while enjoy this picture I took of my mac mini crashing.

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